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Introducing…Top 5 Friday!


There is a running joke in my household about a phrase that I use when I want to indicate that I really like something. Whether I’ve eaten something delectable, or watched something phenomenal, or read something admirable, I’ll find myself saying “This is so Top 5 for me…” But this verbal stamp of approval is typically met with a couple of eye rolls and snorts from the peanut gallery that is my family because it’s not uncommon for me to have 100 things on my random Top 5 lists!

So in an effort to do my part to help clean up the environment by reducing my excessive use of this phrase, I’ve decided to utilize my tiny space in the blogosphere to post a weekly list called “Top 5 Friday” (clever, I know!) It it here that I will limit myself to a true Top 5 list of the things that I love, crave, desire or admire in any given category.

To kick off this weekly feature, I’ll start with an easy one: my Top 5 Favorite Rom-Coms of All Time.

***drum roll, please…***

No. 5 : Father of the Bride 

No. 4 : Hope Floats

No. 3 : Sweet Home Alabama

No. 2 : The Wedding Planner

No. 1 : Pretty Woman

What about you? If you were stranded in a leather recliner at your local Best Buy, what Top 5 Rom-Coms would you want playing over and over again in THX?


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