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Top 5 Friday: TV Shows



The artistry formerly known as “a marathon weekend of reruns”.

Thanks to our buddies at Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, vegging out on your couch while consuming countless calories with your buddies Ben & Jerry is an actual thing with its own technical term and is now being linked to certain mental health issues.

Good to know.

But should you find yourself stuck at home for days on end for whatever reason–winter storm, tonsillectomy, staycation–here are my Top 5 Favorite TV Shows that I’d be willing to watch on “Continuous Play” mode.

No. 5 : Friends





No. 4 : 24





No. 3 : The Good Wife





No. 2 : Downton Abbey





No. 1 : Grey’s Anatomy





What about you? What Top 5 TV Shows would cause you to use a few of your sick days just to find out “Who shot JR?”




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