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Top 5 Friday: Desert Island Essentials


I am in a mood today.

Actually, I’ve been in a mood for a few weeks now and it wasn’t until this morning that I realized what it was.

I am dissatisfied.

The funny thing is that it’s not because I’m lacking anything. Quite the contrary! I’m feeling so burdened and heavily laden these days because I have too much of everything! 😦

So I’m cleaning up…and cutting off…and clearing out the excess!

This renewed sense of “living with intention” got the hamster in my brain to start cranking away at the ol’ wheel again and caused me to mentally separate the truly essential items from what could be tossed overboard.

So, in the spirit of the age-old ice breaker question, and in honor of next week’s premiere of Survivor 30: Worlds Apart, here are my Top 5 Desert Island Essentials:

No. 5 : Burt’s Bees Hydrating Lip Balm







I tend to have an allergic reaction to most lip balms but apparently I can handle whatever ingredients are in this hydrating helper! Since whatever island I may be marooned upon will probably be in an uber sunny, low shade, tropical climate, I need to make sure chapped lips are not my biggest foe.

No. 4 : Coffee







It’s no secret to those close to me (or really anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with me) that I LOVE me some coffee! I’m a daily caffeine consumer and usually like my java dark roasted, extra bold with a splash of cream. But when I get to treat myself (or when I have a huge project that requires me to burn the midnight oil), my Starbucks bevvie of choice is a Quad Venti Ristretto 7-pump Toffee Nut Soy Latte No Foam. I realize that my desert island experience will most likely not come with a barista outfitted with a green apron, but one can dream…

No. 3 : Photo of my family

Our first family photo, circa Nov '98

Our first family photo, circa Nov ’98






Other than my Lord Jesus Christ, there is nothing else in this world that inspires and invigorates me like my family. I will break every generational boundary, press past the point of pain in my flesh, and endure humanly impossible hardships to see the plans and purposes of God fulfilled in the lives of my husband and children. So if I am ever banished to Exile Island, I would absolutely need a photo of mi familia to help keep my head in the game.

No. 2 : Journal & pen






Like I mentioned in my “About Me” section, I am a journaler. I have kept an almost-daily journal for nearly 15 years, and although most of my journal entries are now hammered out on my laptop, I have boxes and bins filled with notebooks where I put pen to parchment and scribbled out my trials and triumphs and every answered prayer in between. The Notebook doesn’t hold a candle to the love story found within the pages of these journals.

No. 1 : The Bible






I love the convenience of having a Bible app on my phone when I’m on the go, and it’s super handy to have multiple translations at my fingertips. But even in this day and age of advanced technology, I still prefer my black, leather-bound Bible. I am a note taker and a highlighter, and there are few sounds in the world that I love more than hearing the glorious swish of Bible pages being turned!

So what about you, my friend? If you were Tom Hanks on the movie Cast Away, what items would you hope make it ashore?


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Friday: Desert Island Essentials

  1. 1. Definitely a variety of Burt’s Bees for the lips…a little color will help too in case they happen to start production of the new 007 movie on the same island I’m stranded on. Bond girl?

    2. Ruffles. (Yes, that reads Ruffles period)

    3. Bottled water…gotta stay hydrated (sodium overload from the Ruffles)

    4. Elta MD sunscreen

    5. Hair ties…b/c who wants hair all over the place when you’re trying to survive!

    When am I getting rescued again? I’ll have about 3 good days in me and then I’ll go cray! HEEEELLLPPP!!!


  2. Music! Must have my phone with current music (I realize I will be without service) or iPod or shuffle or something. But music- it will calm me when I realize there is no rescue. It will motivate me when I realize I will have to hunt and fish on my own to survive. Certain songs would probably enrage my fear and encourage my anger at being stranded, but the next song will either inspire me to run around the island and get out the frustration (and get in a workout) or bring me to my knees in tears releasing the same emotions. Music. And if no electronic, battery operated devices are allowed, then I suppose I will have to craft my own string instrument from my surroundings to sing every song I know. Good thing the island is deserted because noone would want to be there for that!


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